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ISDN switch off, the future is SIP

There are 2 million ISDN lines in the UK which must be converted to SIP or hosted applications before the entire ISDN network is withdrawn in 2025. In less than 7 years, every business in the UK will be using some form of SIP or hosted applications to communicate. 

If your customers are still using ISDN, then you will have already discussed the options available to them to ensure business continuity post-2025. If they haven't migrated away by 2025 they will be without a phone line. If your customers are moving office they should consider SIP so they don't have to switch over nearer 2025. Plus, when BT stops selling new lines in 2020, they will have no option but to go the SIP or hosted route.  The opportunities for the Channel are significant.  Don’t miss out!

Migrating to SIP from ISDN is easy with Voiceflex because we have more than 10 years’ experience of doing this. With our knowledge and experience combined with continued investment in product development, our partners will be able to take advantage of the gap left in the market by ISDN as we near 2025.

Come and explore the possibilities, benefits, and opportunities with Voiceflex.

Contact us today on +44 (0)20 3301 6000 or email sales@voiceflex.com

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