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Voiceflex introduces Nebula CRM integration

Voiceflex has developed and introduced CRM integration into its hosted Nebula platform, providing integration to leading CRMs such as Salesforce and SugarCRM as well as custom CRM services.

Organisations with departments that regularly deal directly with customers can benefit from streamlining their call answering process, and reduce time wasted on calls.  Nebula CRM allows the real-time display of records of incoming callers delivering productivity enhancing features such as automatic application screen pops of a customer’s CRM record or a desktop call notification. 

Staff can also make more outbound calls using click-to-dial and automated dialling at the touch of a mouse button. By utilising information kept in their CRM to personalise and tailor conversations customer experiences can be improved, and customer satisfaction enhanced. In addition, using the Nebula CRM browser extensions on Chrome and Firefox Nebula CRM enables click-to-dial on any web page improving productivity.

Traditionally Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) has been expensive and difficult to install with hefty of upfront costs. However, Nebula CRM has no upfront costs, it’s simple to install and is cost-effective with a low cost per user per month.

Paul Taylor, Sales & Marketing Director, Voiceflex comments; “Many benefits can be derived from integrating your phone system with your CRM and introducing this powerful application to our hosted Nebula platform provides additional revenue opportunities for our partners. Nebula CRM is simple yet effective and delivers profound benefits.”

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