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Microsoft Teams as a Phone System

UC&C the new normal

The way we communicate has changed forever. CoVID-19 has provided a shop window for Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) like nothing ever seen before. Microsoft Teams is at the forefront of the new normal.  The figures are staggering - in April it was reported by BusinessInsider that Teams has 75 million daily active users; the coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to operate remotely, and has boosted the demand for Microsoft's products that enable communication and collaboration. 

"As COVID-19 impacts every aspect of our work and life, we've seen two years' worth of digital transformation in two months," said CEO Satya Nadella

It is pretty safe to say UC&C has finally been accepted.

Microsoft Teams as a Phone System

Why Direct Routing?  Direct Routing connects Microsoft Teams to the traditional phone network (PSTN). It allows businesses to make, receive and transfer calls to and from Teams like a traditional PBX system, but without the need of having a hosted telephone application or on-premise system. 

Without CoVID-19 it would have taken a number of years to reach the same levels of MS Teams users using UC&C as part of their lives. Due to the Coronavirus the UC&C element of Teams can't be ignored.

Webinar: SIP for Teams - Voiceflex Teams Direct Routing

Date: Wednesday 23rd September, 10.30 am

Host: Paul Taylor

This webinar will give you an insight into Voiceflex and Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

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