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Don't give a present to the fraudsters this year, secure you telecoms equipment!

Secure your Telecoms Equipment

Telecoms fraud costs UK businesses billions a year and companies are particularly vulnerable over the Christmas period. We see a significant increase in toll fraud during any period where offices are known to be closed for extended periods. Fraudsters know that with staff out of the office they'll have a longer period of time to commit fraud with fewer people around to notice. This is especially true over Christmas when many businesses run a skeleton staff and unfortunately, many businesses are unaware of the fraud until they receive their next bill.

As you complete your final preparations for the holidays, please take some time to make sure your telecoms equipment is as secure as it can be. It is also a good time to update any of your fraud settings on the Voiceflex portal to realistic limits.

Remember, there's often more than one admin account with a default password that can compromise a PBX. If you have remote configuration enabled this should be secured to only known IP addresses and all passwords should be changed for built-in accounts.

If you have any concerns or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 3301 6000 or email support@voiceflex.com

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