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Product Update: MyNebula User Portal

We are pleased to announce the roll out of the much-requested MyNebula user portal for Nebula IP subscribers.  This enhancement gives you control to the configuration options of your Nebula users’ extensions through our desktop MyNebula portal, or through our iOS or Android apps.


Features at a glance ...


  • View full call history
  • Enable/Disable temporary call forwarding
  • Configure email address for voicemail recordings
  • Determine call destination if unanswered
  • Set your presentation CLI for outbound calls
  • Manage your time profile behaviour

Access to the MyNebula portals and apps is completely free and can be enabled through the "MyNebula" tab found under each subscriber's edit screen within the Nebula IP administration portal.

Change things on the go


For quicker access to on-the-fly settings, use our iOS or Android apps to make changes.

Change things in the office

Once enabled, subscribers can access their call history as well as configuration settings through the MyNebula portal

If you would like more information on MyNebula please contact us via email on sales@voiceflex.com

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