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UK a major destination of telecoms fraud

UK is a major destination of telecoms fraud costs and is costing businesses millions a year. According to the most recent estimations by the Communications Fraud Control Associate (CFCA) it is causing an estimated annual loss of almost $30 billion. 

Attempts happen all the time and increase during any period where offices are known to be closed for extended periods, for example bank holidays or over the Christmas period. We have fraud systems in place to detect and prevent fraud ensuring fraudsters aren't successful. 

Make sure any PBX's that you manage are as secure as they can be. It is also a good time to update any of your fraud settings on the Voiceflex portal to realistic limits.  Remember, there's often more than one admin account with a default password that can compromise a PBX. If you have remote configuration enabled this should be secured to only known IP addresses and all passwords should be changed for built-in accounts.

In a recent Comms Business 'Channel Insider' podcast Paul Taylor amongst other industry experts discussed the current telecoms fraud landscape in the UK and what kind of activity they are witnessing on the network.  To hear what they said please go to 


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