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Voiceflex attends Comms Vision 2017 - WebRTC storms market

Comms Vision content is thought-provoking on several levels. New technology is always high on the agenda, including WebRTC(web real-time communications) at a previous Comms Vision conference. At the time, I recognised a great range of applications but was unsure about how they would fit into the voice communications market how anyone could make any money from them. This is no longer the case. Following a foundation of research, design, development, and delivery we identified the potential of leveraging WebRTC technology and, once more, Voiceflex is leading the market having launched two new WebRTC applications in the last six months – Voiceflex Visual Attendant (VVA) and Click to Call Me. 

VVA enables click to call capability from any website or web page allowing real-time customer interactions. The transition from a web page visit to a real-time communications experience is seamless. The customer is instantly connected to the right person/department as a result of their selection of menu options before starting the voice call. The customer saves time and no longer needs to listen to lengthy, complex automated attended menus.

Voiceflex’s Click to Call Me integrates WebRTC and SIP adding value to Voiceflex SIP Trunks. Customers are provided with a code which is easily and quickly integrated into any email signature or website enabling customers to call directly from the web, eshot or email with little effort. There’s no need for customers to dial a number to make a call, they just click to call via a web-enabled device. The call is then delivered via the Voiceflex network as a SIP call meaning no expensive upgrades are required to the customer’s equipment.

The applications are easy to use, very much customer focused and you don’t need a developer to implement any of the applications. The applications can be enabled on any telephony application and most hosted applications. The benefit is immediate: It opens doors as it offers a new way to communicate, and most importantly we can all make money from the applications.

Voice calling directly over the web is arguably the last stage in a complete customer experience: We can chat online, request information online, request a call back online, but not until now could we make a call to a company or department directly from a web page. Like any leap in technology, it needs several differing forces to combine or allow connectivity to take place, this has now been achieved. Most Internet browsers now allow WebRTC traffic, Apple being the last of the key players to implement support with the launch of ISO 11. WebRTC is turning any web-enabled device into a voice communication device and will change the way we communicate. It’s set to take the market by storm.

For more information on WebRTC or how we can help you add value to your SIP Trunks or enhance websites with real-time communications contact us on +44 (0) 203 3301 6000 or email sales@voiceflex.com

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