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Voiceflex launch additional FTTC product lines

Voiceflex has launched additional Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) products to its business broadband Business Connect (BC) portfolio.  All our Voiceflex BCFTTC products are voice-enabled which are directly connected to our voice network. Conversely, they can be used as data only services with no cap on the data usage.  Voiceflex BCFTTC gives you the option to add voice as and when it’s required by your customers. 

With more and more businesses moving applications into the cloud or having increased numbers of internet users, reliable connectivity and at high speed is key. With speeds getting ever faster FTTC is pushing down the lower end of the leased line market and/or providing a credible back-up to leased line services.  As a result, FTTC with fibre at its core is the go-to choice for connectivity.

We have introduced Vodafone (ex Cable & Wireless network) FTTC services as they are very cost-effective and available in 95% of BT exchanges. All services can be supplied either wires only or with a configured router.

Our FTTC Services:

  • BCFTTC Vodafone on-net 40/10 and 80/20 Mbit/s: on the Vodafone network and directly connected to the Voiceflex network
  • BCFTTC Off-net 40/10 and 80/20 Mbit/s:  not on the Vodafone network, directly connected to the Voiceflex network
  • BCFTTC G Fast 160/30 and 330/50 Mbit/s: directly connected to the Voiceflex network
  • BCFTTP 160/30 and 300/50 Mbit/s: directly connected to Voiceflex network, no PSTN line required.

With Vodafone on-net we can provide a simultaneous PSTN install.

FTTC launched by BT in January 2010, has become the default standard for any DSL service offering because of its ability to provide fast download speeds at a cost-effective price. FTTC provides the fastest possible speeds that your line can support. All speeds quoted are up-to speeds as the speed will be dependent on the distance from the cabinet.

For more information on our business broadband Business Connect services please contact your Account Manager.  

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