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New Webinar Training Dates

If you're interested in any of these please email sales@voiceflex.com

Voiceflex Portal Training

Dates: Tuesday 7th April, 10.30 am

Host: Andrew Forster

The Voiceflex partner portal is easy-to-use and is not only used for placing orders but also programming and fraud control. It gives you full platform control for the management of your customer’s services and numbers for quick deployment. Our portal is an integrated, seamless solution for all Voiceflex products, delivering a solution in a fraction of the time and complexity. The Voiceflex partner portal is simple, effective and efficient and has resulted in winning customers. 


This session will give you an insight of the wealth of features our portal offers and will guide you through the main functions from when you first sign in. 

Nebula IP Portal

Date: Tuesday 7th March, 12.30 pm 

Host: Andrew Forster

  • Clean, modern and intuitive user interface
  • Better management of all existing features through improved configuration areas
  • Accessible through tablets and smartphones
  • Improved call listings and filtering
  • Quick search of extensions and phone numbers

This session will provide an introduction guiding you through the functions of the platform when you first sign in.

Voiceflex Unified Communications


Date: Wednesday 8th April, 1.00 pm

Host: Wayne Nieuwoudt

As we come to terms with our new normal and remote working it is key that we have the tools to support working from home. Circuit brings together all types of media; chat, video, voice, file sharing, messaging etc. so users at home or remote locations can collaborate and communicate effectively both with each other and customers. It also removes the burden of application switching so users can focus on connecting and getting work done.

Join this session for an overview & demo on the Voiceflex UC&C Circuit application including how to use the application, how to use Circuit as a mobile client and collaborate with internal/external contacts and how to set up team conferencing.


If you're interested in any of these sessions please email sales@voiceflex.com

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