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Voiceflex Webinars; Circuit, SIP and our portal & on-boarding processes

We have a number of webinars running in April and May.  These sessions will provide an introduction into Circuit, SIP; features & benefits & how to take advantage of the opportunities available with the 2025 ISDN switch off and our on-boarding processes from when you first sign in.

Voiceflex SIP - a clear alternative


We are not all the same! 


There are 2 million ISDN lines in the UK which must be converted to SIP or hosted applications before the entire ISDN network is withdrawn in 2025. 

If your customers are still using ISDN and haven't migrated away by 2025 they will be without a phone line. If your customers are moving office they should consider SIP so they don't have to switch over nearer 2025. Plus, when BT stops selling new lines next year, they will have no option but to go the SIP or hosted route. 


Join this session to find out more about Voiceflex SIP, the features, and benefits and how you can take full advantage of the opportunities available.

Dates: Friday 5th April - 1.00 pm, Friday 26th April - 10.00 am, Friday 17th May - 11.00 am, Friday 24th May - 1.00 pm, Friday 31st May - 10.00 am 

To book onto one of these sessions please email sales@voiceflex.com.

Portal - Giving you Full Control

The Voiceflex partner portal is easy-to-use and is not only used for placing orders but also programming and fraud control. It gives you full platform control for the management of your customer’s services and numbers for quick deployment. Our portal is an integrated, seamless solution for all Voiceflex products, delivering a solution in a fraction of the time and complexity. The Voiceflex partner portal is simple, effective and efficient and has resulted in winning customers. 


This session will give you an insight of the wealth of features our portal offers and will guide you through the main functions from when you first sign in. 

Dates: Friday 5th April - 3.00 pm, Friday 26th April - 1.00 pm, Friday 17th May - 10.00 am, Friday 24th May - 3.00 pm, Friday 31st May 1.00 pm

To book onto one of these sessions please email sales@voiceflex.com.

Nebula IP Portal

Designed to deliver a more intuitive and modern experience that's expected from today’s desktop and mobile devices. 



  • Clean, modern and intuitive user interface
  • Better management of all existing features through improved configuration areas
  • Accessible through tablets and smartphones
  • Improved call listings and filtering
  • Quick search of extensions and phone numbers

This session will provide an introduction guiding you through the functions of the platform when you first sign in.

Dates: Friday 5th April - 10.00 am, Friday 26th April - 3.00 pm, Friday 17th May - 1.00 pm, Friday 24th May - 10.00 am, Friday 31st May - 11.00 am

To book onto one of these sessions please email sales@voiceflex.com.

Circuit - An Introduction 

Invent and create. Share ideas and discuss next steps. Canvas opinion. Ask colleagues to drop in. Call a customer. Schedule a follow-up. Make decisions. Share minutes. Communicate in the cloud.


For the first time, everything’s in one place: audio calls, video conferences, messaging, screen and file sharing. No flicking between apps or remembering multiple passwords. Everything’s shareable, downloadable and auditable. Implementation is lightning quick and integration delightfully simple. And with low-cost per user packages, Circuit gives businesses the operational and financial flexibility they need.


This session, hosted by Paul Taylor, will provide an introduction into Circuit.  If you haven’t seen Circuit with OpenScape Cloud then this is a webinar you shouldn't miss!

Dates: Friday 5th April & Friday 26th April at 11.00 am

To book onto one of these sessions please email sales@voiceflex.com.

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