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New Voiceflex Webinars

Voiceflex Portal | SoGEA & SoGEA Voice | International SIP Breakout

We are holding four webinars on the following dates.  If interested, please follow the links to register.


Don't Lose your Voice!

Tuesday 18th May, 09.30 am

With upcoming stop-sells and the PSTN switch off, SoGEA Voice will ensure your customers continue to receive the voice services they rely on. This webinar will give you the latest on SoGEA Voice and why it should be in your portfolio of products.

Join us to find out more on: 

* Why customers are being forced to migrate to IP based services

* What are the options?

* What is SoGEA and the impact it has on customers and the channel

* How Voiceflex SoGEA, SoGEA Voice effectively addresses everyone's needs


Portal Training

Wednesday 19th May, 10.30 am

Get an insight into the wealth of features our portal offers. We will guide you through the functions from when you first sign in, giving you tips on features you may or may not know about.



Nebula Portal Training

Thursday 20th May, 10.30 am

This session will provide an introduction guiding you through the functions of the platform when you first sign in.



International SIP Breakout

Friday 28th May, 10.00 am - Register Me

This webinar is a must if your customers have offices in the UK and overseas and require access to local emergency services.

Join us to find out more:

* The benefits of International SIP breakout 

* International direct routing & SIP Breakout for Teams

* Telephone numbers and number porting

* How you can facilitate global working and why international breakout is appealing to businesses with a remote workforce

 If you're interested in attending any of the above, please click on the relevant webinar link.



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